Saturday, February 6, 2016

My daughter's first painted miniature!!!

 My daughter asked me to teach her how to paint miniatures this morning. So I struck while the fire was hot!! Luckily I had some primed figures waiting for some paint. She and I sat down and I walked her through painting a 28mm Pulp figure.  I allowed her to pick the colors she wanted etc...  She listened and did everything I told her.  She is going to do the other two on this popsicle stick as well.  She says she had big plans for the evil scientist.  I can't wait.  This makes me so happy.  She's 9 years old.  I hope she learns to like it.

Friday, February 5, 2016

10mm Italian Renaissance Knights

Just finished up painting some 10mm Italian Knights for my Renaissance army.  They painted up pretty quickly. Lots of detail for the size.  I just have to add the flag for these guys.  Time to prime the next batch of cavalry.  

Friday, January 22, 2016

Renaissance Army Partially Completed

Today I've finished up 80% of my Spanish/Imperial Renaissance Army. They are based but need to have the bases flocked now.  The cavalry are getting primed and will be painted over the next few weeks along with leaders.

I must say I was pretty apprehensive about painting these guys only because the uniforms are so flamboyant. Trying to find color combinations bothered me mostly because I'm color blind.  So in my internet travels I came across this site and it provided some great advice. paintinglandsknechts  The other source I found to be a great resource was Pinterest.  I ended finding a lot of reenactor pictures which helped as well.  It's great resource if you've never looked at it.
Well onto the pictures of the little guys.

Three units of pikemen.  Each unit is 4 bases.  I'm waiting for flags to arrive from England.


Arquebusiers! 4 units ready to protect the pikemen.

All of the units together.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year 2016!!!!

I want to wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016!!!

This past year has been a good one. Lots of gaming was had with my group throughout the year.  I was able to attend our local convention Enfilade but even more exciting was attending Historicon in July.  It was great seeing and catching up with old friends. I'm hoping to make it again this year but we will have to see how things work out this year.

I did a lot of painting this year.  I was able to finish up a division of Russians and Austrians for WWI. There is still more to paint for that before I can put them on the table.
I also painted up some Pulp Fiction characters. Now I just have to decide on a rule set for them.
I made my own terrain mats this past fall which have worked out pretty well. I'm planning on making another one once the weather warms up again.
My biggest accomplishment was starting my 10mm Renaissance figures. I've been putting off starting them because painting the uniforms scared the hell out of me. But I pulled the trigger in December and so far things are going well. I've completed 5 out of 15 units so far.  The Pikemen are on the painting table now. Should have the first unit completed in the next few days.
Going forward into 2016 I will finish up the Renaissance figures and get them out on the table this year.  
I need to figure out what game/s I will run at Enfilade this year.
I also want to start my 69AD project with Roman vs. Roman.
Also I've been toying with the idea of doing 1/285 scale WWII Pacific games. I would need to build terrain and gather up the troops etc for this but maybe I can start it by December of 2016.
I'm sure I will get side tracked onto something else but this is a good start. 

Happy New Year everyone and thanks for taking an interest in what I'm doing.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Santa Clause 2015!

This is the second year I've participated in Chris Stoesen's Santa Clause. It has been fun finding out what to paint for the person chosen for me and waiting to see what is received.  
This year Santa delivered some wonderfully painted 10mm Ancients to face my Romans.  As an added bonus Santa also delivered some gifts for my wife and daughter.  They were very humbled by the generosity of Santa and they thank him.  I also thank Santa for the wonderful gift and for thinking of my family.

My daughter was very intrigued that the chocolate she received could not be bought here in the states.  She actually took a moment and said that maybe she shouldn't open the box because it was special.  I told her it would be okay to enjoy it and to remember that it was given in kindness.

Thank you again to Santa!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

4 units of Arquebusiers completed

I finally completed my first 4 units of 10mm Renaissance units.  I have been on sabbatical since Dec. 6th and was planning on painting every day for a few hours.  That has not, sadly, happened and I'm a little behind on what I thought I would have completed by now.  The figures paint up quickly.

This picture shows the 4 units (the upper right unit is a primer coated swordsmen) and each unit is 24 figures with 6 figures per base.

Two tricky shots, holding the popsicle stick and the camera and trying not to shake either one.

Now I'm just waiting for the bases I ordered from Litko to show up so I can get them based.