Monday, May 25, 2015

Battle of Germantown 1777 Enfilade 2015

This weekend was our Enfilade convention in Olympia Wa.  I decided to run an AWI game using my 10mm figures and I use Piquet's Field of Battle for the rules.  I chose to do a portion of the battle of Germantown. I picked the point were the Continentals had surrounded the Chew House and the rest of the army pushed forward to take on the rest of the British army. The victory conditions were 10 points for the Chew house and then 1 point for every destroyed or routed unit.  I had 7 players 4 for the Continentals and 3 for the British.  The game flowed pretty smoothly. After the first few card turns the players were running the game and I was just answering questions.  The British suffered from bad die rolls from the get go and the Continentals took the Chew House within the first few moves.  The Continentals continued to push forward and Cornwallis rushed up to stem the on coming tide. It didn't work.  The British were out of morale chips and the Army Morale card appeared and the army left the field.

Over all everyone had fun and I was relieved that it went as smoothly as it did.

The Chew House in Continental hands.

Cornwallis' troops routing back from the Continentals.

The Continentals push through the British lines in Germantown.

Routing Hessians

The British Commanders.

The Continental Commanders.

Enfilade Post Report 2015!

Enfilade is our local (by local I mean in Olympia, Wa) gaming convention.  This past weekends convention, like those previous, was fun and entertaining.  Our small group was there in full force with myself, Andy and Kevin hosting games this year.  Andy ran a series of Harpoon and Command at Sea games, while Kevin ran a Battle of Kolin and Field of Glory game based on Charlemagne's invasion of Denmark.  I ran my Washington Strikes Back at Germantown battle (I'll do a separate write up about that one). 
Shawn and I arrived on Friday around noon, got into our room immediately, we grabbed our registration packet and dropped off our bring and buy stuff and for us the convention had started. I ran my game in the first session on Friday, so I was busy setting up for that.
After that I was free the rest of the weekend to play, shop and catch up with friends I only get to see once a year.  I also made some new friends and the nice thing is that they live in the Portland area so they can attend our games and vice versa.  
I didn't get a chance to take a lot of pictures of the other games while I was playing but below are a few of the games I was in and some of the others that were being played this weekend.

This series of photos are from Greg M's "Over the Top" game. It's a home brew set of rules and his terrain for the battle is fantastic.  My pictures don't do it justice and it's all in 15mm. I played on the German side and we won!!

This series of photos are from Chuck H's "Battle of Ligny" using Sam Mustafa's rule set Blucher. I wanted to try this game but all of the spaces were taken.

This small shot is from Dean M's game Actium (Sink the Republic).  Dean is a wonderful person and fantastic painter and game master.  Check out his blog for his work here 

If I remember correctly this is Robert S's game Salems Church. ACW battle using Black Powder.

This series of photos are from the White Rock and North Shore Gamers who put on a massive 28mm Waterloo battle using Shako 2.  These photos were taken while they were still setting up. The end result had Napoleon winning this time.

These photos are from the game I played in on Saturday morning. Terry G. ran the Battle of Zama using Field of Glory. I was playing the part of Hannible and I did just as well as he did, we lost. :-)

Because the Battle of Zama game didn't take up the whole period I was able to snap these photos of the Waterloo game in progress.

I believe this is Mike C's Assault on Pestszentirmre as WWII using home brewed rules.

This was another 6mm Napoleonic game and I think it's Bull H's Battle of Antwerp using the rules "The Conflict"

The ACW game in progress.

I loved the town for this one. This one is the Battle of Aachen by Greg M.  Another set of home brewed rules.

A CY6 jet age Cold War battle put on by Paul G.

This terrain I fell in love with. It was fantastic and it won best in show for Saturday afternoon. This was Fireforce: Rhodesia '76 by Damond C. and Bruce S. and Lawrence B. The rules used were Force on Force.

This was my Saturday afternoon battle.  It was called Panzer Lehr Attacks using Fireball Forward by Steven W. The game played well and the Germans (which I played on) were able to achieve their victory conditions.  The miniatures are from Axis and Allies. I'm not sure where he got the 3" printed hexes though.

All of those little bases have 2mm figures on them and they are painted very well. This game was a full campaign game played on a 5'x8' table and it was Napoleon's 100 Days Campaign put on by Gary W.  This was also a home brewed set of rules.

These last three photos are from my last game Saturday night.  This was Robert K's Battle of Yamazaki. The figures are 10mm and there a 1000 of them on the table. It was impressive. I played this same battle last year. Only this time I played on the opposite side and I still lost. 

Overall it was a great weekend and I can't wait for next year. It will give me enough time to plan what I want to run next year as well. I might GM two games next year!