Friday, January 22, 2016

Renaissance Army Partially Completed

Today I've finished up 80% of my Spanish/Imperial Renaissance Army. They are based but need to have the bases flocked now.  The cavalry are getting primed and will be painted over the next few weeks along with leaders.

I must say I was pretty apprehensive about painting these guys only because the uniforms are so flamboyant. Trying to find color combinations bothered me mostly because I'm color blind.  So in my internet travels I came across this site and it provided some great advice. paintinglandsknechts  The other source I found to be a great resource was Pinterest.  I ended finding a lot of reenactor pictures which helped as well.  It's great resource if you've never looked at it.
Well onto the pictures of the little guys.

Three units of pikemen.  Each unit is 4 bases.  I'm waiting for flags to arrive from England.


Arquebusiers! 4 units ready to protect the pikemen.

All of the units together.