Thursday, April 18, 2013

Surrounding the Russians 1914

This past weekend I ran a Two Fat Lardies game of "Through the Mud and Blood".  I am preparing a scenario for Enfilade at the end of May.  This will be my first time GM'ing a game at a convention.  I'm a little nervous and I want the game to go as smoothly as possible.  Knowing that I can't account for everything I at least want to handle what I can.

A couple pictures of the table and a close up of the center.

The Russians hold the town and the main road.  The Germans start on three sides of the board.  The Russians start off with one Platoon that has seen better days.  The Germans have two platoons and they are a little shot up a bit too.

The Germans started off really well.  They pushed forward and shot up one Russian squad.

The Russian poured heavy fire onto the advancing Germans causing massive causalities and lots of shock points.  The German artillery was ineffective but the Russian SOS barrage hit their targets.

The Germans found their footing again and pushed forward taking heavy losses along the way.  By the end of the game the Germans were able to take 3 houses.  
This resulted in a draw for the battle.

I learned a couple of things for this battle. One I have to rewrite the victory conditions.  They were a little too vague and could be interpreted in various ways.
I also have to add one more Big man to both sides.  I also need to remove one building from the town.
I am going to rerun this scenario again this Saturday with the changes.  Maybe the Germans will have better luck.