Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A test battle using "This Very Ground"

In the search for a set of American Revolutionary War skirmish rules, I picked up the set "This Very Ground" by Iron Ivan.  Even though the rule set was designed with the French and Indian War in mind but in my mind there isn't a whole lot of difference between the two conflicts.  I'm sure I will catch some flack for this.

The rules themselves were very easy to comprehend after a couple of read throughs and what I read seemed to translate well to the table top.  What I mean by this, is that the movement, firing and overall flow of the game went well with very few reasons to look up different things in the rule book.

Here are some photos from our game.

The British form up to take on the rebel militia.

The rebels spread out and use the trees as cover.

The rebels swarm out into the field.

More British use the road to swarm around the rebels flank. 
The rebels try to answer the British flank attack.

A close up of the rebels.

The British line takes a casualty and returns fire.

The rebels hold their own in melee.

But the British keep up the pressure.

The rebels fall to the man in the bloody melee.

The rebels in the trees open up on the british causing the british to go disrupted.

More rebels fire at the oncoming British.

More volley fire from the British.

The British start to force their way into the fields.

A close up of the British.

More melee and rebels hold their own.

A few more British fall down dead.

The rebels seize the day with the British deciding to fall back due to heavy losses.
Over all our experience with Iron Ivan's game was very positive.  We like the mechanics and the feel of the game as well.  The system also allowed one to use period tactics which allowed the rebels to use cover and skirmishing to their advantage but when they came out in the open against the British line they took heavy losses.
We will be playing these again.