Saturday, April 30, 2011

Terrain Conundrum part II

In my previous post I talked about a piece of terrain that gave me the willies every time I thought about painting the thing.  Well based on some excellent suggestions posted here and on The Miniatures Page, I have taken the plunge and started to paint the piece.  I started with the ground and here is what it looks like after a few layers of paint.
Here's what the piece looked like before I started.  Simple black primer had been applied at this point.  I then painted the whole thing with acrylic black paint just to make sure everything was covered well.

 These 4 photos have a base coat of Raw Umber for ground.  The flash on my camera makes it more red than it actually looks in person.

 These 5 photos show a dry brushing of Burnt Umber.  This layer is rather heavy for a dry brush but it helped with the look.

These photos show two layers.  I did two dry brushings the first with Burnt Sienna and then a second dry brushing of Raw Sienna.  Each dry brushing was lighter than the first.

The last layer of paint was Bone White.  This was also dry brushed, again extremely light on the touch and very little paint on the brush.  As you can see from some of the photos my touch was not steady the entire time but that's okay.  Some randomly placed bushes and grass will help mask some of my mistakes.
Just an overhead shot of the piece with the ground painted.  I did paint the floors of the buildings with the ground paint because of the way the terrain was sculpted and I decided that the buildings had been destroyed earlier and the dirt from battle etc. had accumulated in these places.  Hopefully in another week I can post the next part that I finish which will probably be the walls.

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Terrain Conundrum

Last year at our local convention Enfilade I picked up a terrain piece made by Monday Knight Productions.  It is a lovely piece with tons of detail.  Now I'm an okay painter when it comes to painting miniatures.  When it comes to terrain I get the cold chills and I sweat like I have the flu.  To say the least I panic when it comes to painting terrain.  I have slowly over time gotten over my fear of painting houses but this next piece has me frozen with fear.  Here are some pictures of the piece.  I added a 15mm German AT-Gun for size comparison.

Any suggestion from those who have better knowledge and experience is greatly appreciated.

Friday, April 8, 2011

What's on your bookshelf?

A fellow gamer I know from the Too Fat Lardies Yahoo Group posted the other day a little divergent post on his blog about his books that line his bookshelves.  Look here:  His post has received a considerable amount of responses on the yahoo group.  So I decided to fall in line and show off my bookshelves as well.  Thanks Benito for the wonderful idea.
This bookshelf resides in the craft room next to my painting table.  All of my rules and uniform guides, technical books etc for gaming live here.
These next two photos show my history books and other books that my wife and I have collected.  Although most of the books are mine the knick knacks are my wife's.

Thats it, a short and sweet post.