Monday, May 1, 2017

Vows of Iron: Game #2

Hello everyone!
The group got together this past Saturday and we had another run at the rules "Vows of Iron" by Allen Campbell, Vows of Iron. I introduced the rules to three new players and had four returning players from the last game.  That made it easier as the referee for this game.  Also one of the guys, Jeff, had purchased the rules and had read them before the game!!  Over all I spent a whole lot less time looking things up and spent more time taking photos and adjudicating situations than last time.  

This battle was, again, the scenario in the back of the book. French vs. the Holy Roman Empire and for the most part a pretty evenly matched game.  I did use the extra Unit Captain for both sides. 

The initial layout for the table. French forces are on the left. The Holy Roman Emperor's forces on the right.

The top three photos are the French forces. The commanders setup their own units.

The next 3 photos show the Holy Roman Empire's forces. The players were allowed to setup their forces as they saw fit.

The opening couple of turns saw the forces marching towards each other.  Once they were within 20" the Impetuous Knights had to start making rally tests to hold if they passed or to charge if they failed.  Most of the knights passed their checks throughout the game.

Getting closer in the middle too.  The Holy Roman Emperor allowed the French King to do a lot of the closing in.  

The Roman Empire's Lone Unit Captain said "the hell with it all" and charged full force into the Van of the French army.

The Rear battles fought each other to a bloody pulp all night. Once they started their melees they were locked causing fatigue hits but not enough to cause serious damage until the end.

The Main Battle between the Emperor and the King was also bloody with each side trading blows but not enough to knock each other out.

The Emperor's Unit Captain has been captured!!!  He would later be escorted back to France for ransom. 

The Rear battle seesaws back and forth. Swords swinging, men falling and the Emperor's Crossbowmen on the hill fought valiantly against the knights. Holding their own for several turns. 

The Main battle lines continue to slug it out. Fatigue points are climbing! Who will break first!

The Van side of the battle goes all in. Both sides trading blows with units routing.

The Rear side of the battle still struggling against each other. A slug fest at its finest.

The Emperor's center starts to crack. A few units have routed and some have only 1 or 2 fatigue points left.

The Van side of the battle continues to trade stand for stand.

The Rear side of the battle for the Emperor starts to falter with a unit of knights being wiped out but the Kings knights are also flanked! Things don't look good.  

The Emperor's center is crumbling. 

The final straw to break the Emperor's army when the Van loses another unit the break point drops to zero.  A glorious victory for the French King and he gets to partake in collecting the Ransom of one of the Emperor's Commanders.

The French commanders from left to right: Kevin, Andy, Andrew, as the French King, and Tom.

The disheartened Emperor's commanders from left to right: Gabe, Dave, as the Holy Roman Emperor, and Jeff.

We had an enjoyable three hour battle.  Within two or three turns everyone was pretty much running the game without me.  The 3 new guys, Gabe, Dave and Tom enjoyed the rules and want to go again. Now that I've gotten a couple of games under my belt I'm going to start planning battle with more variety of troops on the board and see how things go.

We really enjoy the rules and they play smoothly.  I recommend them.