Sunday, September 29, 2013

First game of Chain of Command

First Chain of Command game completed amongst packing up my house and getting ready to move.  I hate moving!
Anyway, my group and I ran our first game of Chain of Command.  A simple meeting engagement scenario with the Americans vs. Germans.
We had two young guys playing this time and they hadn't really play historical games before.  They caught on rather quickly.
My friend James and Sam playing the Americans.

Anthony and I played the Germans.  Since I was teaching I let Anthony control the bulk of the German forces.

The patrol phase went smoothly for trying it the first time.  Both sides locked down pretty quickly.

The Americans deployed first taking the farm house.  A German squad took up a position to fire on the house.  The building was tough and caused no damage.
More American troops appeared.

German squad took a beating and fell back into a line of trees.  They would soon lose that jump off point.

More Americans came pouring over the hill.
German armor arrives!

Another squad tries to make it across the field but didn't make it and fell to the ground for more cover.

The German armor backs up the squad.
The Americans push forward.

The Germans tried to push around the other side of the board and took an American Jump off point.
The Americans didn't bite on the flank move and kept pushing forward.

The German squad took some shock from accurate American fire.
The German tank sits in the tree line and waits for the Sherman coming down the road.

Close Assault time!

No more german squad. Killed to the man.

The Sherman rolls down the road and survives a couple of shots from the German tank.

The game soon ended after this as the German morale dropped to zero and they retreated back off the board.  We were very happy with the game played and at how fast we all picked up the sequence the flow of the game quickly.  I did spend some time flipping through the rule book looking for things but that was expecting with a first run.
We will be playing this again in October when we get together.
I've been using Too Fat Lardies rules for several years now and I think this is their best product that they have put out.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Three new sets of rules have arrived!

This has been a busy month or so for rules purchasing.  Three new sets of rules have arrived and I can't wait to get these read and get some miniatures on the table.

This first set is Great War Spearhead II.  I have used Great War Spearhead since they came out in 2001 for my divisional level games.  The rules have always been easy to follow and teach to someone.  With the improvements I've read about on the Yahoo Group, this set of rules should be excellent.

I have enjoyed Sam Mustafa's rules Grande Armee for a long time.  Sam has a very clear vision of what he wants his rule sets to deliver and they provide an excellent game.  I have a copy of Maurice and we like how it plays.  Our group tends to fall towards ACW games so these seemed like a natural purchase for us.

 I have too many of the Too Fat Lardies' rules to count. I am a fan of their system and once they started talking about Chain of Command and I watched the YouTube videos on how to play, I was sold on them.  I will be running our first game this Saturday the 14th.  It should be fun and I will post photos and AAR after Saturday's game.