Thursday, February 23, 2017

I have not been idle! Just not posting.

Well much like the title of this post says "I have not been idle, just haven't been posting much."  So I thought I would remedy that issue with this post.  I have been working on finishing my 10mm French Renaissance.  I am down to the last two heavy cavalry units and I have the commanders to paint.  Also since January the group has gotten together and played some spectacular games.  Unfortunately, I have been remiss in taking photos of said games. We got in couple of games around the few snow storms and those included Ancients and WWII Air.
I have also been thinking about my next project which will 10mm War of Spanish Succession. I have been reading up on the subject and starting to decide how I want to base said figures.  I have picked a few rule sets to read over and look at their basing schemes.  I'll go into those in a little bit.  For now some pictures!     

French Heavy Cavalry partially completed.  All of the figures are from Pendraken and come from their Late Medieval/Renaissance line.

An overhead view of one of the units.

The second unit. The horses are painted and their barding is done on both units.  Just have to work on the knights.

The French army eagerly awaits their friends to join them so they can smash the Spanish in Italy!

So one of the rule sets I picked up for WSS is Ga Pa along with the army list book for that period.  I have read some reviews of this and they sound interesting.  Also along the way I have picked up Beneath the Lily Banners version 2, Twilight of the Sun King, Piquet's Cartouche and Field of Battle 2 and Ridiculous Vanity and Marlburian Commander and Polemos: War of Spanish Succession. Lot of reading material and helpful on deciding what basing scheme to go with. If you have a favorite leave me a note in the comment section about which one you like.

Vows of Iron are a new set of Medieval rules I'm looking forward to trying them out.  Watched an interesting video about them on Medieval Wargaming group on Facebook.

Some new reading material on the Muslim Conquest of Spain and Christian reconquering of Spain.  It's an area I would like to put on the table top.

The group has been hard at work putting together armies for the ECW and 30yrs War.  I want to try these rules out.

We've been talking a lot about doing the bomber raids over German during WWII.  Now I just have to get some B17s, P51s and German aircraft for this one.

Two Fat Lardies have helped in publishing this rule book for the ACW.  A few guys in the group have the figures so it's just a matter of reading the rules and giving them a try.

So I have been busy and will continue to be busy this year.  Besides my ability to attend our local gaming convention Enfilade in May, I will be attending Historicon this year!!! I can't wait to go and see some friends and spend 4 days rolling dice and pushing lead!!!