Monday, May 30, 2016

Battle of Birmingham Meeting House 1777- Enfilade 2016

Our local convention, Enfilade, was this weekend and I ran my American Revolution battle during the first period on Friday the 27th.  Like my earlier play test post about this battle we used Eric Burgess' rules "Guns of Liberty" which you can find more about here: GOL.  This set of rules is fast becoming my go to set of AWI rules.  They play cleanly and within a turn or two the players are managing the game themselves.  I highly recommend them to anyone who has an interest in this period.  I had 4 players for my game which worked out very well. 
The figures are all 10mm on 1" square bases and the table size is 8' x 4'.  The scenario came from the book "An Army of Professionals 2nd edition" by Robert Haworth published by Stenhouse Game Productions.  This is great book with 8 scenarios with maps and army lists. I recommend this product as well.

Now on with the AAR for this battle.

The general pre-game setup. The British are on the far hill with the Patriots on the near hill with the woods and meeting house as their flanks. The game length is only 9 turns with each turn equaling 15 minutes of "real time". The scenario starts at 4pm.  Turns 8 and 9 are twilight and dusk.

On turn 1 the British had the restriction of only being able to move their cavalry and their light troops due to the 11 hour force march they had conducted that day. This is turn 2 with the rest of the British streaming off the hill and advancing to wipe the Patriots off the hill and hit Washington in the flank.

More British with the cavalry moving through the light woods in the hopes of going around the meeting house and flanking the Continentals.

The view of the oncoming British over the should of the Patriot commander Stirling. The Patriot cannons drew first blood while the Continental commanders performed a delaying retreat. 

As the British pushed forward the Continentals fell back forcing the British to chase them and never being able to bring their full weight of fire or melee advantage to use.

One of the Hessian units present at the battle continues to pursue the falling back Patriots.

The British light cavalry pushes through the light woods.

The British line advances hoping to catch the Continentals and let them feel their cold steel.

The meeting house in the back ground would see some bloody action soon.

The continentals using the meeting house to secure their flank as they wait and allowing the British to close and then falling back.

The lone battery inflicted causalities on the British enough to slow down some units as they regrouped and rallied.

The battle is coming to a head with the Continentals trading shots and using the stone walls to their advantage.
The Continental left falling back over the hill using the heavy woods to prevent the British from turning their flank.

General Greene arrives a little too late to do much with this battle.

The British light infantry opens fire on the retreating Patriots.

Causalities start to mount for the Patriots but they are able to hold their morale together for another turn. 

The 3rd Monmouth held their ground under withering British gun fire providing time for their friends to retreat.

The British march into the Continental musket fire and pay a heavy price.

Trading shots with the British, the Patriots inflict some damage.

The British crest the hill, firing at the retreating Patriots. Stand losses on the Patriots started to mount by turn 7 but it would be too little too late.

More British reinforcements arrive having to force march their way to the battle. 

The British make contact! The British seething with blood lust crash into the Continental line.

More contact made. The battle of the stone wall would be bloody.

The Patriots hold their ground and force the British to fall back from their failed melee.  

The battle for the meeting house was bloody as the Patriots held their own forcing the British back with heavy losses.

The Continental left didn't fair as well as the right. They took heavy losses and fell back in disorder or routed away.

The collapse of the Continental left gave the British hope but it was too late to win the day!

The above series of pictures shows the final positions at 6pm the final game turn with the British unable to break through the Continental line and sweep up Washington's flank at Brandywine!

The victorious Continental commanders! Their choice to fall back and put space between them and the British gave them the victory. Instead of standing their ground and fighting the battle out right they helped save Washington's army.

The British commanders exhausted from their force march and ensuing battle fell back for the night to rest and then retreat back to Philadelphia. 

Overall I was very pleased with the game.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and the players all enjoyed the rules.  It's time to paint more figures for this time period so I can put on larger battles!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Another Genitor unit completed

In my last post I said I would finish up another unit for my Renaissance armies.  Well here they are a unit of Genitors for my Spanish army.  Just like the last unit I completed they are based 4 to a base and the flag for the unit is subjective as I've been unable to find anything concrete as to whether they carried anything at all.  Next up are the artillery and crew and the command stands.  Then I'll start the process over again with the French.  The figures are all from Pendraken and are 10mm in scale.

Looking fierce in line waiting for the signal to harass the enemy.

Close up of the command stand for the unit.  The flag is totally subjective.  You can see the artillery I've started to paint in the back ground.

I've left the "name" of the unit generic as the unit can be used for many different armies during this period.

The rest of the unit.

A decent close up.  I have to get a better camera with a better macro setting.

I took these last two photos holding my work lite in my lap and shinning the light directly at the troops.   This way you can see a little more detail on these 10mm figures.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

New models, books, game and some hills!

It's been a while since I've posted mostly because I had lost my painting mojo for a little bit.  I've gotten it back, finally.  I guess I needed a little bit of a break.  I'm still working on my Spanish Renaissance army.  I'm nearly done with the troops them selves. I just have to paint up the artillery and men and then work on the commanders.  I'm certainly behind in where I thought I would be at this point, of course taking 4 weeks off from painting didn't help. Oy!
In the mean time I have acquired some new items I thought I would show you all.  First up is a collection of 1/285 scale WWI airplanes I picked up off of Ebay. They came from England and are nicely painted.  I sold off my 1/144 scale planes last month and decided to go with the smaller scale planes.  I will be able to put more on the table and use smaller bases and playing area for them.  Here are the little beauties.

Just have to add magnets to them for the flight stands and we should be good to go.  Just have to paint up some French and British planes now.

Next up are some items I've picked up over the last few weeks.  One is board game from Italy based on two medieval battles from the 1400s.  The rule system is excellent and provides a nice game.  Some of you may recall I did a miniatures battle based on Campladino:1289. I used the companion board game to this one for that battle.

I also picked up some new books September 11, 1777 about Washington's defeat at Brandywine which I'm running a scenario from for our local convention in 3 weeks and also a book on the War of Spanish Succession. Which I've been gathering 10mm figures for as well.  That project may start towards the end of the year.

The last items I picked up are from Battlefield Terrain Concepts.  Some lovely little hills to help make the tabletop not so flat.  I met this company at Historicon last year and they do some lovely work.  I was finally able to place an order with them.

The hills are solidly built and are nicely flocked.  Also they are a reasonable price.

Well that's about all for now. I'll hopefully get some more figures based up tonight or tomorrow and put another post about them.