Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Ain't Been Shot Mum! v. 3 The iPad Version

It's no small surprise that I've purchased the newest version of the Two Far Lardies rule set "IABSM!"  The copy I purchased was designed for the iPad and I pretty much use it for all of the .pdf rules I have collected.  I bring my iPad to the games I run and turn it on and there's the rule set waiting for me.  The only thing I've had to print out in the past is the QRS for the other players.
This particular version of the rules was designed for the iPad and contains some neat features.  So I made a short video of using the rule set on the iPad.  It's nothing fancy and I did it all in one take, so it's not perfect (so don't expect a Spielberg type movie). 
I also hope Richard Clarke likes this as well. :-)