Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Franco-Prussian Battle

This past weekend our group ran a Franco-Prussian War game.  It was a hypothetical battle in the early part of the war.  The French held the high ground and were defending.  The Prussians had to force the French to retreat.  The rules used for this game were "They Died for Glory."

We've used this set before and Kevin has been using them for years. We like them because they provide a quick, bloody game.  We were able to finish our game in 3 hours and had a very decisive outcome.

Here are some pictures from the game.

This was my division of Prussians for the game.

My friend James (his arm and soda) setting up his division of Prussians.

Kevin ran the game and controlled a portion of the French.

Anthony (well his arm and body) controlled the French opposite me and developed and defense in depth against me.

The French bloodied my Prussians as they closed with the small village and woods.

My Prussians crested the hill and started to force the French back in the center.

My Prussians hit the village and stall from the rugged French defense.

Another Prussian division (Andy arrived late) arrived a few turns in and got held up behind James' troops.

James' Prussians close on the monastery and gain a foothold.

James' troops also push the center of the French back.

Some of my troops seeing some hand to hand combat with the French in a vineyard. 

The town continues to hold up my troops.

At this point Kevin called the game as both Andy's fresh division and James' division collapsed Kevin's French line

I made little headway against Anthony's troops holding the village.  While I did well against his troops in the center of the battlefield, I was unable to press the advantage.  I did however tie up his troops so he couldn't help Kevin.

Overall we had a great night of gaming.