Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pikemen Comparison

So one of the projects I have gearing up in the wings is to build some armies for the Italian Wars.  As I have progressed in time in doing this hobby, I have learned to do more pre-work on finding figures I like and that blend well together etc...  I know most of you out there already do this and this is really a head slap moment for me.

So in prepping for my Italian Wars I've bought several manufacturer's pikemen in 10mm.  I have Old Glory, Pendraken and a new company (at least to me) Warmonger Miniatures who did a Kickstarter campaign for their new line of Renaissance figures.  Since Pikemen are a large part of these armies I decided to pick those for my comparison.

So the first two pictures here are a decent closeup of the Pendraken figures on the left and the new Wargmonger Figures on the right.  Lots of good detail on both.

These pictures show the Old Glory figures on the left, Pendraken in the middle and Warmonger on the right.  The old glory figures lack a lot of detail.

Again the Old Glory figures are on the right and Pendraken in the middle and Warmonger on the left.  Height wise the Old Glory and Pendraken are fairly similar.  The Warmonger figures are a little taller and have a little more heft to them.  The pikes of the two companies are fairly the same size too.

After spending sometime looking at these I'm not sure if I will blend them into units.  I may not even use the Old Glory ones.  Not sure......

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A nice day at the local model show.

A friend of mine likes to build models, who am I kidding, he likes to collect them and thinks about building them. :-)   Anyway, he works for a local hobby shop and they were selling some of their stuff at the model show that was being held at the Evergreen Aviation Museum here in Oregon.  If you get the chance to come out here you should go. It is a wonderful museum with three buildings worth of exhibits and they also have the Spruce Goose, which is amazing to see.  Also outside on the property there are tanks and other airplanes, plus there is a water park for the kids which has a 747 on the roof they can slide through.

Anyway, I took over a 100 pictures of the models but I haven't posted them all.  The work on them all was fantastic and I wish I could paint this well.  My models never seem to come out this well.

I did pick up a few items while I was there and I will do another post with those. I didn't buy much, I won a few of them in the raffles they had going on, so not too bad.

Enjoy the photos!

I love the shading and tone of this piece.

I liked this one a lot. Just so different from everything else that was there.

The water effect on this model is superb!

The model had lights on the inside of the cockpit and lights on the outside. You can just about make out the characters in the cockpit.

This was scratch-built!!

My father's favorite plane!