Friday, June 27, 2014

My new 10mm AWI British

Well I have finally finished getting these British figures based and putting their flags on them.  The figures are a mix of Pendraken and Old Glory.  I will say this that Pendraken's standard bearers are more sturdy than the Old Glory ones.  DJD Miniatures painted this force for me, they also did the Rebels/Continentals.  I've used DJD before and they have never failed to make the figures look excellent.

I can't wait to get this army on the table and start rolling dice.  I'm just waiting for my shipment from Litko to arrive so I base the Rebels.


  1. Nice work on these, Vic. You've certainly amassed a large amount of AWI figures. Best, Dean

  2. I'm not much of a fan of 6mm (and smaller) figures, but I think the step up to 10mm makes a *huge* difference in the appearance. Great looking army!

  3. Beautiful and most impressive army!