Saturday, January 8, 2011

Goals for 2011

I usually don't plan out what direction my gaming projects will go, but this year it seems that I have one too many items on my work bench and twice that many swirling around inside my head.  So in order to keep myself focused on the tasks at hand, I have decided to put out in the open my plans for this year.

Projects to Complete: 20mm AWI for Sharps Practice.  I was able to play Sharps Practice at Enfilade in May of 2010 and instantly wanted to use these rules for the American Revolution.  Currently I have 46 British Regulars done with a another 46, three quarters of the way completed.  92 Rebels are primed and waiting in the wings.
Another set of 20mm WWII figures and tanks to finish up for my 1:1 project using the rule set Nuts!.  There are 50 Americans waiting to be primed and 4 tanks that have just been built also waiting for primer.
15mm WWII American Infantry for I Ain't Been Shot Mum!.  I have most of what I need to run a game but these are just to flesh out my collection and make it more versatile.
Sitting on the back burner has been a small collection of 1/144 scale WWI aircraft that was started a few years ago and continues taking up space on one of my selves.  Time to finish them!

New Projects: A couple of the guys in the group want to take the plunge into the Seven Years War.  One of them already has some Austrians that needs to be painted while an opposing army needs to be collected and painted.  This one will take some time I think to get started.
The next project has been one that I have dreamed about doing for some time.  I love pulp fiction style stories, the hard nosed detective, Spies running around during the 1930s, adventures a la Indiana Jones.  After asking some questions and doing some research I have settled on two sets of rules to try out.  The first is .45 Adventure by Rattrap Productions and the second Larger than Life by Two Hour War Games.  I have started to sketch out a story line for the characters to follow and in the process to give me an idea of how many figures I need to purchase and the type of terrain I will need to build and paint.
About three years ago I made my first set of terrain boards.  This year I plan on making some new ones. Which will include improvements on the first ones, lessons learned and so on.
I also need to expand on the amount of terrain, meaning, buildings, bridges and so on for 15mm, 20mm and 28mm games.  I picked up a vacuform piece of a bombed out town from Enfilade this past year and I hope I can get it painted this year.  I primed the piece already and was going to start painting it and then chickened out when I couldn't decide on how or where to start with the piece.
WWI 15mm Turkish soldiers to do battle against my Russians using Through the Mud and Blood.

Games for the new year: This year will see a bigger mix with our groups gaming.  Last year our games revolved around finding and securing a WWII set of rules and we settled on I Ain't Been Shot Mum! and Nuts!
This year I am planning on using my collection of medieval figures using Piquet's Band of Brothers and Piquet's Field of Battle for my Italian War of Independence figures.  We are also planning on using Check Your Six's Jet Age set of rules.  Luckily one of the other guys in the group has the rules and planes for this.
Also one of the guys is planning on running some games at Enfilade for this year so we will be helping him play test those using Napoleonic Fire and Fury.
As well we will continue with battles during WWI and WWII.
Its a good thing we can get together two times a month to game.

I think that is it.  Phew!  It is a lot but it will be fun.

Thanks for putting up with my rambling.  I hope you all have great plans for your gaming year as well.

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  1. Good to have a plan I feel, my plans involve just getting any sort of games played.(Our group is getting lazy).lol