Friday, April 8, 2011

What's on your bookshelf?

A fellow gamer I know from the Too Fat Lardies Yahoo Group posted the other day a little divergent post on his blog about his books that line his bookshelves.  Look here:  His post has received a considerable amount of responses on the yahoo group.  So I decided to fall in line and show off my bookshelves as well.  Thanks Benito for the wonderful idea.
This bookshelf resides in the craft room next to my painting table.  All of my rules and uniform guides, technical books etc for gaming live here.
These next two photos show my history books and other books that my wife and I have collected.  Although most of the books are mine the knick knacks are my wife's.

Thats it, a short and sweet post.


  1. Thanks for that, that's a damn lot of Ospreys.

  2. Hey! I see my blog page in your computer screen!!