Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Muskets and Mohawks: Trying out the rules battle

After painting up some 1/72 scale Rebels and Redcoats for some skirmish battles, it was time to find some rules to go with the figures.  I'm a fan of Two Hour Wargames and while attending Enfilade one of my friends bought the rules Mayhem: Muskets and Mohawks to try.  See below for our first run of this set of rules.

A cool autumn day broke over the hills and valleys of New York.  My detachment was ordered to flush out the rebels rumored to be massing for an attack on one of our columns moving up from New Jersey.
I broke my 20 man platoon up into 10 men sections sending the able bodied Sgt. Fitzsimmons to the west and to push north towards one of the farms.  My section pushed through the woods hoping to flush out the rebels.

The inexperienced rebels fired first and ran when our disciplined troops opened up with a proper volley.
The second detachment ran into a stiffer defense of rebels surrounding a small farm house.

After stiff fight for the farm house the leader of the rebels surrendered to our troops.  I'm sure he will be hung for his sedition.
Our troops followed up on the retreating rebels, pressing hard to capture them.  Our pursuit ended with some good shots from the rebels.  They had found their back bone and put up a solid defense.

As we moved closer to the edge of the wood, more and more rebel troops appeared.  I formed my troops into a line and waited for the rebels to make the first move.  
After the fight at the farm house the Sgt. moved his troops out to a field when they ran into some rebels holding the stone wall across from them.

The Sgt. knew the rebels would run at the first sight of steel, he pressed a charge over the open field.  Those rebels gave a good account of themselves and fought to the last man in a bloody hand to hand fight.
In front of us the rebels grew in strength as we fired, trying to scatter them.  They did not run, but recklessly charged at us.

Our discipline held off the rebel attach and soon they scattered again back into the woods.  Exhausted and out of shot we pulled back with one captured rebel captain.  Over all the colonel was very happy with our expedition.

We had a great game with only a few rule snafus for a first time out.

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