Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Playing Favorites.....

A couple of blogs I follow Trouble At T'Mill and Mylardiesgames are carrying on a little game called Playing Favorites.  As a war gamer you pick your favorite rules, figures, period and so on.  I liked the idea and decided to follow along.....

To start off with the toughest of them all for us gamers....


This is tough as there are many periods I like to game but two really stand out as the top one and two.   World War I for its sheer size and the almost dogged way the armies held onto out dated tactics and ushered in a new era of warfare that changed the world forever.
The other is the American Revolution.  There are far to many reasons as to why I like this period but one of them is because I grew up in NJ and lots of the battles and marches etc were all within driving distance for a young kid who loved history.


15mm fills the role of most of my armies, although I do have 10mm and some 20mm figures as well.  This does not count my naval and air forces.


Piquet tops my list of my favorite set of rules.  I use them to cover my interests in WWI and the AWI.

Board Game

Paths of Glory by GMT.  This game has provided me and my friends countless hours of fun.

Figure Manufacturer

I love Pendraken figures.  They are crisp and clean molds and they look fantastic before and after painting.  In 15mm I like Peter Pig.  Sometimes they can be a little chunky but the detail is excellent.


This is easy my gaming group here in Portland, OR.  We have been gaming together for nearly 12 years now.  We are a diverse set of individuals and I am proud to call them my friends.

Inspiration: Film

The film, really its a series from HBO, the Band of Brothers.  It is an outstanding piece of film that really captures the soldiers and their struggle to survive and function during WWII.

Inspiration: Book

Saratoga: The Turning Point of America's Revolutionary War by Richard Ketchum.  This book really captures the feel of the period and brings together the two opposing forces in real detail.

Inspiration: Art
John Singer Sargent's painting "Gassed" from 1919

I hope you have enjoyed my favorites.


  1. I did especially The Band of Brothers.....

  2. Some great answers, I forgot about Band of Brothers, I should have used that in my post. I don't own any Pendraken figures, but I dod like the look of them, especially the newish, Grand alliance figures. If I didn't already have them in 15mm, I would have bought these.

  3. I didn't forget about Band of Brothers... honest. It's just sitting on my iPad half-watched!

    Great collection of answers... not come across Paths Of Glory, though. Tell me more!