Friday, March 16, 2012

The next phase of the campaign is complete

In between shifts at work and family life, I've been able to work on the campaign a little more.  So for this phase I worked on getting the campaign map taken care of and the two opposing armies rosters made up.

The campaign map came from the board game Risorgimento by GMT.  It is a great little game that boasts 3 specific battles for the 1859 war plus a campaign game.  I have photo copied the campaign map so I won't ruin the original.
The Theater of War supplement has you create a campaign map in any configuration you wish.  The book let supplies you with a grid like map to create the campaign.  Each section of the map then needs two factors added to it.  The first is the Victory Point for the area or areas that are of vital importance.  One uses a d4 and rolls randomly for each area that needs a Victory Point.  The second number is the movement point cost.  Each area, hex, spot or whatever your map looks like needs a movement number.  This has two purposes, the first it tells you how much it will cost you in impetus points to move into that spot and second it also determines the type of terrain you will be rolling randomly for the table top battle.
You use a d6 for this roll.  The numbers break down like this:
1 or 2 is light terrain.
3 or 4 is medium terrain.
5 or 6 is heavy terrain or impassable.
Below are two photos of the map.  I was able to get a photo copy done at Fedex/Kinkos for about $4.00.  I'm not sure if you will be able to see it but the areas are marked with both numbers.  Actually, some of the spots are blank meaning they are a movement point of 1 and are not a victory hex.  In fact only a few areas on the map contain victory points.

The army rosters have also been made up.  There was nothing to this part.  I did some research on the units that were present during the war and used those as names for the units for both armies.  Added to both rosters are the names of commanders for each CinC to assign battle groups too.  I've gone with historical names as I feel it gives a little more flavor to what we are gaming.

Unfortunately I'm not sure how I can put a copy of the excel spreadsheet I created for both armies on this blog post.  If anyone has any ideas on how to do that let me know.

Next up will be a test battle on March 31st using Piquet's Hallowed Ground.  Also the CinC's will get their first look at the all of the materials.  I still need to type up the armies initial deployment areas as I'm going with a somewhat historical setup to start with and also some of the rules of the campaign.


  1. Good to hear and see, looking forward to the test battle and pictures?

  2. Victor,

    It looks great! It should be a lot of fun.