Saturday, July 14, 2012

Painting Italian Buildings

While I was attending Enfilade in May, I picked up (for the most part all of my purchases were terrain related) some Italian houses to cover my gaming from the 19th century through WWII and probably beyond.  The buildings are a mix from Monday Knight Productions and JR Miniatures.  I think I have enough to fill out a nice little village/town for my gaming needs.  All of the buildings are 15mm but will also work for my 10mm stuff.  There are 14 buildings in all.  They range from simple homes to small churches and clock towers.  I thought I would document my progress on painting them.  The buildings are a mix of stone with no plaster on them and the others have plaster walls.  So painting each type will be a little different.  In the above photo is a few of the plaster covered houses and they were primed grey.  The base color for the plaster is Dark Sand.  I've been searching the web for pictures of the Italian buildings for different schemes for the buildings.

So using images like this I will create some sort of randomness to my plaster buildings colors but also they all seem to blend at a certain level as well.

The stone buildings all got a base coat of German Grey and the highlighted with a dry brushing of Buff.  When I did the dry brushing I worked the brush from the top down so that the highlights would only reflect the direction of the sun hitting the tops of the stones.

I will go back over the highlight at the end and use a chalk pastel to add some dust to the stone work.

With the base coats done and the highlights done on the stone work, I decided to paint the tile roofs.
Taking a suggestion from TMP. I did a dark brown wash over the tiles first.  Only I made with the wash with oils instead of acrylics.

Granted that it will take about 24 hours for the paint to dry but the oil paint will take some of the other techniques that I want to use a little bit better.  So that's about where I stopped in the process for now as I wait for the tiles to dry.


  1. Great looking models; they should look super when they're done. I really liked how my own Spanish/Mediterranean buildings came out (25mm Hovels).

  2. I agree, they are looking great. Be aware nonetheless that stoned colours can be quite different depending in the regions: fom granite-type grey to more ochre to "buff" tones, from what I've seen in my country (not so far from Italy after all)

  3. Anibal you are correct. I kinda took the easy way out with the grey.