Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 1 of the 2,996

I, like many, lost friends and/or loved ones on Sept. 11, 2001.  While it has been 11 years since that day we are still living in it's shadow.  I came across this website today from a friend on Facebook Project 2996
I clicked on it and was humbled by the immense project this blog is trying to accomplish and I've decided to add to the project.

Here is the tribute I am adding for Vanessa Langer, age 29.

Vanessa Langer lived in Yonkers, NY born 1971 and worked as an Office Manager at Regus on the 93rd Floor.  She was married and expecting their first child.

From Donna Marsh O'Connor:
I still miss everything about you, everything I tried to control, with every fiber of my being. I so want to hold you, V, and have you back. You are still so loved.

*** Posted by Donna Marsh O'Connor on 2008-06-19 

Vanessa worked for a temp agency and was placed at the Regus Business Center...

On this fifth anniversary on Vanessa's death I felt the need to "find" her again. I own the staffing agency that placed Vanessa in the job at the World Trade Center. I will always feel partially responsible for Vanessa being in that place at that time. I had the honor of meeting Vanessa back in March of 2000. She was a vibrant, bright light who impressed me immediately. Regus Business Centers was a good client and I believed Vanessa would truly be an asset to them. I spoke with her just before 9/11 and wished her well knowing little that would be the last time. I am so truly saddened by this loss. I will never forget Vanessa for as long as I live. May she rest in peace and may her family find some comfort in knowing what a wonderful person Vanessa was.
*** Posted by Bill Bernstein on 2006-09-12 ***

Vanessa was a loving wife....
Vanessa, I didn't know you very well, but through Timmy I saw you as a lifesaver, loving wife and caring person. We will always remember you, Timmy and your baby in our prayers. I know you are all together and happy now.
*** Posted by Carol on 2009-09-12 ***

This is Vanessa's Obituary.

Tim Langer was hesitant about the baby his wife, Vanessa, wanted so badly. He gave her a golden retriever and a cat. But Vanessa, who adored her two younger brothers, James and Jackson, knew she was right. Shortly after their first anniversary, she was pregnant. By then, Tim was pleased, too. "As time went on I was so in love," he said. "It felt like we should have a family."

Vanessa Langer, 29, an office manager at a trade center company, usually set the agenda. She was "fast and furious," said Mr. Langer. She did not walk — she darted. She competed fiercely at computer games and the family football pool and screamed when the Yankees or Giants scored. "Oh goodness," Mr. Langer said, and laughed. Before Vanessa, he used cruder expressions. She got him to stop that. Four months pregnant, she was having "the easiest time of her life," he said.

"She gave me a book," he said. " 'How to Pamper Your Pregnant Wife.' At night I had to go out and get Fig Newtons and Stella D'oros for her." 

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on October 1, 2001.

Vanessa was a compassionate person....

I had the opportunity to watch my first memorial reading of the names this morning. Although I could not watch the entire ceremony, my memory of Vanessa was stimulated by the ceremony. I hired Vanessa as my assistant in 1997. A month after I hired her, we had a tragedy in our family. Her unconditional compassion came through immediately as she did everything she could think of to help console my wife (a woman she only met once) We only worked together for 18 months or so but in that short time, she left an impression on me that carries through to this day. She was truly a wonderful person. God Bless Vanessa.
*** Posted by Anthony Langella on 2008-09-11 ***

She liked to have fun...
March 11, 2002
I seems like yesterday that you and Timmy met... seems like yeaterday.. that Eileen, Timmy you and I would go out for beers in Yonkers or in Congers after work... you are one of the sweetest and most alive souls I've had the honor to meet... alas.. we had not seen each other for about 8 months before.. at it was not until a week after that I found out... my heart.. my prayers.. my thoughts.. and my eternal thanks for the grace that you brought this world... for the peace that you brought your husband... for the way that you influenced life... all my love... all my breath.. all my faith.. love eternal..

She was funny, gorgeous and smart....
I knew Vanessa when she was about nineteen. She was gorgeous, smart, and very funny. I have only just discovered that she is no longer on earth, and I am very sad for her mother, who was a warm friend who welcomed me into her home when I was new to Syracuse. My heart aches for you, Donna.
*** Posted by Kate S-E on 2008-06-29

She had rabbits, went to the senior ball and.....
I remember the Yankees game, your senior ball, the trip to Missouri, Walt Disney World, the chicken pox, the Buffalo Bills game, the rabbits, your smile, beautiful eyes and your kindness.
*** Posted by D COUCH on 2005-08-15 ***

This last post is the most heart wrenching of all.....

her husband timmy loved her with every inch of his soul...
he could not imagine life on earth with out her...
he has since passed.. could not live life with out her..
We know in our hearts they are together looking down with their child..
God bless two beautiful kind people who deserved more time on this earth togethter...
*** Posted by friends of timmy on 2005-09-06 ***

While this doesn't even come close to giving you the whole life of Vanessa Langer or even do it justice, I hope in someway that it gives a little testimony to a loving 29 year old woman who was planning a future as a mother and wife.  May she rest in peace.