Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Three new sets of rules have arrived!

This has been a busy month or so for rules purchasing.  Three new sets of rules have arrived and I can't wait to get these read and get some miniatures on the table.

This first set is Great War Spearhead II.  I have used Great War Spearhead since they came out in 2001 for my divisional level games.  The rules have always been easy to follow and teach to someone.  With the improvements I've read about on the Yahoo Group, this set of rules should be excellent.

I have enjoyed Sam Mustafa's rules Grande Armee for a long time.  Sam has a very clear vision of what he wants his rule sets to deliver and they provide an excellent game.  I have a copy of Maurice and we like how it plays.  Our group tends to fall towards ACW games so these seemed like a natural purchase for us.

 I have too many of the Too Fat Lardies' rules to count. I am a fan of their system and once they started talking about Chain of Command and I watched the YouTube videos on how to play, I was sold on them.  I will be running our first game this Saturday the 14th.  It should be fun and I will post photos and AAR after Saturday's game.


  1. Longstreet is getting mentioned often on blogs lately. I'm interested CoC so look forward to any reports you have of your games.

  2. We need to get you set-up with better lighting when you take photos with my camera...too many shadows... :)