Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Battle of Campaldino, 1289 Enfilade Setup

It's that time of year again.  Getting ready for Enfilade at the end of May.  This years theme is Obscure Theaters or Battles.  I have decided to run the Battle of Campaldino which featured the Guelfs vs. Ghibellines.  I figure this is obscure enough of a medieval battle to run and to enter into the contest for the theme. I love medieval Italy and all of the factions that fought all over that country.  It is a very interesting time period and I used it as my minor for my masters degree in history.

I have a board game called Guelfs vs. Ghibellines which I'm grabbing the terrain layout and order of battle.  Like most medieval battles this one was fought on a wide open plain with a slight rising hill on one side and three rivers making up the boarders of the plain.  An Abbey sits in one corner of the hill and a road runs along the base of the hill.  There are only a few clumps of small woods in the area as well.  At the moment I'm not sure if the plain was a farmed field or not.  Most of the information about the battle tends to focus on the combatants and not the terrain.  While the game board for the game itself is useful, having an actual description from someone there would be beneficial.

For this battle I will be using Piquet's Band of Brothers.  I will be using the domino method for the impetus pulls.  This way each side will have a chance of moving and it will lessen the big impetus swings that can happen with the dice.

Below is a picture of the Ghibelline army that will face off against the Guelfs.  All of the figures are 10mm and are from Pendraken.  They were painted by DJD Miniatures.

This is the Guelf army also 10mm and from Pendraken.  They were also painted by DJD Miniatures.

I am hoping to run a test battle in April with my group.  All I have to do now is make up the terrain and the battle rosters for both armies.


  1. Looking good, Victor! An impressive group of figures you have amassed. I think a great choice too - as I've never heard of this conflict. See you at Enfilade! Dean

  2. The 10mm figures look very good. I much prefer them to 6's, which just don't do it for me at all. Of course, aside from my 15m Galley crews, all my figures are 25's.

    The Domino method works well for convention games; so also does the "Charlotte Rule of 1/3", or just opposed D12's instead of D20's.

    I look forward to seeing the play test game!