Sunday, May 25, 2014

Back from Enfilade 2014!

After weeks of preparation and last minute changes to one of my games my friend Shawn and I headed out to our local convention Enfilade which is held every year in Olympia, WA over Memorial Day weekend.  We left Friday morning around 930ish and arrived a little after 12.  Other members from our group Andy, Dave and Kevin where either there already or were on their way.  Check in this year was a breeze.  Last year, the hotel was doing major renovation work over the convention weekend and played havoc on guests trying to check in.  Some didn't get a chance to check until 7pm due to construction delays.  This year no issues.
So this year I had decided to branch out a little bit more and run two games at the event.  The first was in line with the convention theme Forgotten Battles or Theaters.  I scheduled it from the 2nd session on Friday night.  I ran the Battle of Campladino, 1289.  The second game was in honor of the 100 year anniversary of World War I starting.  For that, I ran a Russian vs. German 1914 scenario using "Through the Mud and the Blood."  As a gift for running both games, the guys in charge gave everyone who ran 2 or mores games this spiffy hat. The WWI game was run during the 1st session on Saturday morning.

I will write up a full AAR for both battles with more pictures from them this week.  

This is a quick shot of the Campladino Game.

A setup shot of the WWI battle.

I had full participation in both games which was nice.  I'm always a little anxious about running a game as I'm not sure anyone will want to play it or have some sort of interest in it.
Once those two games were over I was free to play other games the rest of the weekend.  The pickings were good.

My first game on Friday afternoon was WWII battle pitting the U.S. 29th infantry vs. Germans who counter attack a section of St. Lo.  The rules were "Breakout Normandy".  I played the overall US commander and in the end we were able to stop the German attack.  I also played the 4 sherman tanks we were given and was able to blow up 2 Stugs.  I was pretty happy.  :)  The terrain was beautiful!

The second session on Saturday had me playing in a Lancastrian vs. Burgundian 28mm Armati game.  I had never played these rules before and wanted to try them.  They were pretty fast but the gentlemen running the game did all of the calculations.  We just had to push lead and roll dice. The figures for this game were incredible.  The detail was amazing.  My iPhone didn't do them justice.

The last session on Saturday, I played in 10mm Samurai game with homebrew set of rules.  The rules were only 1 page front and back.  The battle was based on a historical battle, unfortunately I don't remember the name of it.  I held one small end of a long table.  Because of that our end of the battle took became a little bit of side show to the larger forces at the other end.  At one point we were about 5 turns ahead and had to wait for them to catch up. :-)  The figures were awesome looking and I loved the mass look of them too.

The first session on Sunday and also our last session, I joined a Check Your 6 Jet Age game.  The scenario had the Argentinas attacking British troop transports which were protected by the Royal Navy and 4 British fighters.   I had a 4 Argentine jets loaded with bombs.  Before my jets even got close to the transports two of my 4 were shot down.  The other two made it, dropped their bombs and missed.  I was able to fly away after that.  

After my planes were shot down and the other two escaped, I was free to hit up the bring and buy and the dealer area.  I also took photos of this awesome looking medieval 28mm siege game.

So what's a gaming convention without buying more stuff!  I did and I think I came away with some pretty good deals.

Everything at once.

This is a paper kit and it comes with everything you need from the figures and fittings for the ship.  I can't wait to get this one built.

I've own the CY6 Jet Age rules for awhile and I want to do this period.  Now I have too.  Just need to get some planes. 

There was a dealer there who had some 15mm WWI British for sale. $4 a bag, not bad.

This was in the Bring and Buy, a 15mm DBA Western Imperial Roman Army.

Another DBA army Teutonic Knights, which dropped in price from $60 to $20 by Sunday.  That's when I snapped it up.

The Game Matrix is always at Enfilade and I bought this Low Country DBA army from them.

This was another Bring and Buy special.  Another Roman army.

I think over all this was the best purchase.  These are 10mm War of Spanish Succession figures.  I'm not sure of the count but on Friday this box started at $60 by Sunday morning I got it all of $10.

I've looking to buy Conway's book 1906-1921 for many years.  The price was always an issue.  $90 and above for a book.  In fact one of the dealers had a copy for $90.  This one was in the Bring and Buy on Saturday and I bought for $25.  Not bad at all.

This whole weekend was awesome and my gaming group and I had a great time.  It was great seeing friends that we only see once a year too.  Lots to catch up on.  I'm already starting to plan what I want to do for next year. :)

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  1. Sounds like ypoui had a great show, Victor. The last line of your post is the surest indication of that, at least as a GM!