Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Rebels lose an AWI Battle!

After a rather busy August with family vacation and other stuff, my gaming group and I where able to fit in a game on Saturday.  This time I brought out my freshly painted AWI figures and decided to try out Field of Battle ver. 2 by Piquet.  If you are not familiar with the rules, Field of Battle is a more streamlined version of the original Piquet system.  While it cleans up a lot of the extraneous material from Piquet it also looses some of the tough decisions the Piquet forces a commander to make.  That being said my group likes Piquet and will return to it often.

For this battle I made up.  Not based on anything historical just something I wanted to try.  The Americans held the high ground with 15 units and the British, with 14 units, had to take the high ground or force the American's morale to break.  About 90% of the American army was rated as Rabble from the 1777 list in FOB.  The few militia units were rated as Raw for the Americans as well.  The British were rated as Regular.
A long shot showing the American deployment across the hill top.

A over head view of the American positions.

The British on the march!

Close up of the British advancing.

More British!

A really blurry shot of the Americans waiting for the British arrive!

First blood!  The Americans cause a few of the British to rout!

There once was an American unit there!

More British routing!

The British won this battle when they pulled a Lull card and the Americans won the 1 point of initiative and flipped their next card.  It was the Army Morale card and since they had lost all of their morale chips they had to roll for the army morale.  They lost and fled the field in a panic!!
It was a tight game with the British losing some morale chips and were getting low as well.  

Our game lasted 2.5 hours and that was with having to teach the rules to four people who had never played them before.  I made a few mistakes with the rules but nothing that would have changed the outcome.  Overall, everyone who played had an enjoyable time and is willing to go again with this rule set.  


  1. Great looking figs and game, Vic! Love the terrain too.

  2. Your 10's look great on the table, Vic! Units with a D4 defense die type are very vulnerable in FoB, so I'd be surprised if the Americans could win this one often. Of course, that's about right for 1777, at least until Saratoga!

  3. Nice pics, these armies are beautiful!