Monday, May 25, 2015

Battle of Germantown 1777 Enfilade 2015

This weekend was our Enfilade convention in Olympia Wa.  I decided to run an AWI game using my 10mm figures and I use Piquet's Field of Battle for the rules.  I chose to do a portion of the battle of Germantown. I picked the point were the Continentals had surrounded the Chew House and the rest of the army pushed forward to take on the rest of the British army. The victory conditions were 10 points for the Chew house and then 1 point for every destroyed or routed unit.  I had 7 players 4 for the Continentals and 3 for the British.  The game flowed pretty smoothly. After the first few card turns the players were running the game and I was just answering questions.  The British suffered from bad die rolls from the get go and the Continentals took the Chew House within the first few moves.  The Continentals continued to push forward and Cornwallis rushed up to stem the on coming tide. It didn't work.  The British were out of morale chips and the Army Morale card appeared and the army left the field.

Over all everyone had fun and I was relieved that it went as smoothly as it did.

The Chew House in Continental hands.

Cornwallis' troops routing back from the Continentals.

The Continentals push through the British lines in Germantown.

Routing Hessians

The British Commanders.

The Continental Commanders.


  1. Game looks great. Glad it went smoothly, Victor. Sounds like the British needed new dice, though!