Saturday, October 10, 2015

Dave's Baggage Train

When I went to Historicon this past summer I ran across Dave's Baggage Train. Owned by Phillip.  Dave's Baggage Train
The first thing I noticed about these trays was the nice plastic they were made out of and how the trays are durable.  I have plenty of the Army Transport trays made from foam and most of them have come apart at the seams. Literally.  
There are several types of trays, the ones I bought were 2" deep and plastic. He also has some made of wood.  
The other nice thing is the price point. Dave's trays are $6 a piece (for the 2" ones) compared to the $11 or $12 Army transport trays.

Here's a shot of the army transport tray inside the Dave's Baggage Train tray.  The length of the tray means you can't use the army transport bags.  Since I've invested a lot of money in the army transport trays I will keep using them to store my figures but use the Baggage train trays for transport.

These are 1/72 scale tanks in the 2" tray.  There are other accessories you can purchase as well like tray liners, magnet sheets and so on.

Give them a look and see what you think.   


  1. Nice trays, Vic. For the record, I use those metal trays from Dollar Tree, great as is for magnetic bottomed figs. To keep other stuff (like wooden Litko based figs) I use the non-slip shelf liners - also from Dollar Tree. I am known as the Frugal Gamer :) BTW, you could use a glue gun to try and repair the foam trays.

    1. I tried the hot glue gun on the foam trays. The heat or the glue ate the foam.