Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Acquired some new items

Over the last couple of weeks I picked up some new items and they have arrived as of today. Which makes me excited!  Some cool new gaming things!!!
To start off with I picked up a copy of "To The Strongest" by Simon Miller.  I've read some good reviews for this set of rules and decided to take the plunge and see if they will work out with our group.  If interested in these you can order them from

Along with the rules order I also picked up from Simon, three hills and 6 patches of rough ground that he uses for the above set.  I of course will use them no matter what.  Also on top of the hills and the rough terrain are my latest Spanish Knights for my Renaissance army.

This is the large oval hill.  It measures about 12.5" from end to end.

A close up of the hill and troops.

I also picked up two smaller hills. They are nicely done and the flocking on them is very interesting. Lots contrast!  I like that.  These hills are a little over 6" round.

More close ups of the Knights.  I would just like to say that I'm glad I'm done painting the knights. What a pain.  Each one had a different color set which made using a assembly line approach very difficult.

These are the rough ground patches.  I'm not 100% sure of the material used to make them but it almost feels like straw.

Now for something completely different.  About 3 weeks ago I stopped by Powells Bookstore here in Portland, OR and came across this book in the WWI section.  It's a travel guide written for people who wanted to tour the battle ground for the 2nd Battle of the Marne.  It was published in 1920.  The best part of the book are all of the great maps and each page has pictures on it taken during or after the battle.  This to me was a great find.  They had other books as well for the Western Front.

Great maps!

Impressive detail on the maps as well.

Fantastic photos on each page.  This book has been a joy to go through.  Lots of gaming ideas are popping up from this find.  :-)


  1. Nice figs, Vic. I'm sure you'll like Simon's rules. But that WW1 Marne tour book is an awesome find. Nice one.

  2. I think you'll enjoy To the Strongest!, Victor. I plan to run 2-3 games with these rules at Historicon this year. Did you get the digital version as well for the extra $5? It is the best done electronic rules that I have seen yet, due to the index and extensive internal links. Truly probably better than print, and that is the first time I'd say that, even including DF2!

    I did think the Summary sheet was not as good as it might be, so after several games I did my own, which you may have seen on my blog. Although the game mechanisms are very different from Piquet/FoB, in many ways it has a similar kind of feel to it. I have been very glad that I got the large index playing cards to use with the rules, although of course historically themed cards are an option as well!

    1. Yes I did get the digital copy as well. It is well done. After our local convention is done I will start seriously reading the rules. Right I'm trying to get my game ready and reading Eric B.'s rules Guns of Liberty.

  3. Very cool Victor! In case you need some more "rough" I've saved some of the clippings from mowing the lawn this afternoon...