Sunday, October 23, 2016

Two Check Your 6 Battles!

So Saturday night I ran 2 Check Your 6 battles. I had planned on only one but it finished so fast we ran a second.  The first outing was just a simple 4 on 4 battle with 2 Spitfires and 2 Kittyhawks going up against 2 MC.202s and 2 BF 109s.
This game was a refresher for me (and the group) as I am running a battle on 12/5 at our local one day convention. I also taught the game to 2 new people so it was an excellent primer for the convention.

Andy had control of the two Kittyhawks.

Kevin had the Spitfires.

Jeff (new player to the rules) controlled the Germans.

Jeff's planes closed in quickly on Andy.

They caused Airframe damage!

Justin (the other new guy) had the Italians. Here they are closing in on the Spitfires. Surprisingly both sides missed their targets the first time.

One last picture of the Italians and Brits.  The game ended so quickly I didn't get any other photos. The Axis players came out on top which isn't bad for 2 new players.  I think they enjoyed themselves.

For the second game Andy decided to pull out all of the Bettys I had and put them on table and said "Give them 3 Wildcats each and I'll try to survive getting across the board!"  The above and below picture are the starting positions. Again, Andy chose this folks!

Kevin's Wildcats circle around the Bettys.

Jeff's Wildcats fly through the middle.

One Betty is smoking already.

A Betty goes down!

Another Betty has gone down in Flames!

The lead Betty also goes down in Flames!

And then there were 4 Bettys.

Now there are two Bettys.  That didn't last long. The last two went down on the next turn and we called it a night.  The Wildcats only suffered 1 damaged plane in this attack.  
Don't worry folks I won't be doing this for the convention. I will come up with something a little more even. :-)  We had fun and thats all that matters.


  1. A genre I haven't gamed in decades, and never with models, and rules I've never played, but it looks good! Best wishes for a fun convention game!

  2. Looks like two fun games. What scale aircraft are you using?

    1. All of the aircraft are 1/300 or 1/285. Various manufacturers.