Saturday, December 2, 2017

Ambuscade: Portland's 1 day Gaming Convention

So today was the 2nd annual Ambuscade Gaming Convention here in Portland, Or.  It was held at the Guardian Games store in downtown Portland.  The convention was well attended for the 2 gaming periods with 12 games total and about 30 to 35 attendees.  I ran a Guns of Liberty AWI game during the first period.  I will post pictures of that and a AAR in another post. I was able to take a few pictures of the games being played today.
We all had a great day of gaming. We are already planning for next year!

Alyssa ran a Roman vs. Barbarian game using Hail Caesar!

Dave (back corner) ran a Rapid Fire WWII game.

Hugh ran a fabulous looking game of "In Her Majesties Name"

Peter ran a Napoleonic game using Black Powder

This was my AWI game using Guns of Liberty

The second period had great games as well.
Spencer (the convention organizer) ran a Crimean War battle using Black Powder

This was a Post Apocalyptic game. This was a home brew set of rules.

This was a 20mm WWII Tarawa game. It was beautiful. The Marines pulled it out in the end but it was close.

The burning smoke is actually lit from the inside and flickers.

This was a Musket and Tomahawk game run by Henry.
Kevin ran a 30 years War battle using Black Powder.

Jesse ran a To the Strongest game which I think was Greeks vs. Romans.


  1. So many beautiful tables, love the Tarawa game, very impressive...

  2. Fabulous looking games, Vic! I would have had a hard time deciding which to play.

  3. Great games - I wanted to play all of them. Thanks for posting.

  4. What a great looking set of games, and superb diversity of eras/genres!
    Bravo to all who presented games, the organizer, and the players!