Monday, January 1, 2018

The last 2 French Infantry Battalions are Done!!!!

I am kicking off 2018 correctly by announcing that I have finished all of the French infantry battalions for my Battle of Almanza project!!!!  WooHOO!!!!

The last two battalions that made it to roll call are the Daughine and Dillion units!!

Here are the pictures for these units:

Now it's time to start painting the 20 or so units of Spanish.  It may be a few days before I can start them as I have to do a little more research. I think I have narrowed down the colors of the uniforms but the OOB that I'm working from has units of Cavalry listed as Infantry so I have to find what was really there or at least come up with something to replace them.


  1. Nice work. It is an interesting choice of battle because the commander of the French forces was English and the commander of the English was French. It's good to see the Wild Geese represented as well, with their battle cry of "Cuimhnigh ar Luimneach" or remember Limerick in English. Thanks for that. Best wishes for 2018.

  2. Nick Dorrell has a good OOB for Almanza, I think.

  3. Excellent! What's next, Victor?

  4. Time to start working on the Spanish for this battle.

  5. Very nice, impressive and beautiful units!