Sunday, November 7, 2010

NUTS! WWII skirmish game

Its been a little bit since my last post. Life has gotten in the way of having fun.  This past Saturday I ran a game of Nuts! by Two Hour Wargames.  If your not familiar with the rules, it is a fast paced 1:1 skirmish game, which uses an innovative system of reactions to move the play along.  I first played this system at the Enfilade Convention this past year and loved them.
I have run a few games for the guys in my group and I feel like I am finally at the point where I can run the rules comfortably. So this game was a Russian Recon Mission using two squads of 10 men each against two squads of Germans of 10 men each.  One German squad was broken up into two groups of 5 men and placed at different areas on the board.  This was also the first time where I did all of the rolls for the Germans as NPs or Non-Player figures.  The Russians were control by my friends Garland and Andy.
The first initiative phase went to the NP Germans.  The roll forced the German squad out of their house and into view of one the Russian Squads!

Needless to say the result was pretty bloody. Two Germans were KIA, the Squad Leader was Stunned, one was Out of the Fight and the last guy Ducked back around the house. It wasn't too long before the Squad Leader was captured and sent back to be interrogated and the last of the small squad were dispatched.
Meanwhile the rest of the Germans started to move towards the sound of the fighting and ended up getting caught out in the open, while the Russians started to spread out across the board.
The Russians had the edge in this battle and made the Germans pay for their costly mistakes.
The Germans take refuge in the trees.
Before long the Germans couldn't put up much of fight.
I called the game about 2 1/2 hours after we started.  As usual Nuts! games are quick and bloody and the system really supports the gamer who uses good tactics and punishes those who don't.  I did realize afterwards that I did make a mistake on the first roll for the NP Germans.  The did not have to leave the house after all, I had read the instructions incorrectly.  Oh well, it was fun night anyway.

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  1. Good report,the only mistake at the beginning can be put down to fog of war.