Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Making a full forest

On the Piquet yahoo group, someone had asked how we model full size forests.  So I thought I would post how I've made mine.  I'm sure this isn't anything new but I hope it inspires someone to try it out.
First off I cut out some random shapes out of MDF and then primed them Black.
I then cut some dowels so that they were 1 inch taller than the tallest figure I would use in our games.  In this case I cut the dowels 2 inches tall so I could put a 15mm Sherman tank under them.  I then glued the dowels to the bottom of the base, using either 3 or 4 dowels per piece to make it stable.
The next step was to use some Woodland Scenics Bush Foliage.  I broke up a few different colors into different sized chunks.  I then glued the pieces to the MDF.
I found using Hot Glue was a great way to secure the pieces to the MDF.
When done I let the whole thing dry.  The only thing I didn't do right away, was to paint the dowels.  Next time I will do that as one of my first steps.
Here is one of the pieces in action.
This was a World War I game I based on the Eastern Front.  I hope you all like it.

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