Friday, March 25, 2011

The Russians receive a bloody nose

Its been a few weeks since I've posted with life as it as and having a wonderful vacation thrown into the mix I forgot to put up a little AAR from our last Nuts! game.  We had this little duel on 3/12/11.

The Russians continued to press against the Germans as they retreated out of Stalingrad.  In a forest some where on the snow covered earth the Germans formed at defensive line in the hopes of stopping the Russian advance.
There was a moderate snow storm cutting visibility down to 18" and the Russians began their advance thinking the Germans were not about to fight.
This over confidence would be the Russians undoing. The Russians moved steadily as the Germans waited for glimpses of their foes.

Accurate German rifle fire dropped a few Russians in their tracks.  Not stopping the Russians continued their advance across open ground.

A well hidden German MG caused the Russians plenty of headaches.

Finally a T34 rolled up on the MG nest and wiped them out just before a German Tank returned the favor.  The Russian ranks continued to get worn down by German fire.

In a bold move the Germans launched themselves against the advancing Russians and took out their last T34 and wiped out one more squad.  It was clear that the Germans had not given up.

This battle was good, bloody and quick.  I think the whole thing was done in about an hour and half.  The loss of the tanks really took the steam out of the Russian advance and the loss of the squad leaders made any sort of rallying attempt impossible.  


  1. Good stuff, good quick game but looked like good fun.

  2. Very impressive, Victor!

  3. Nice report! Seems to echo historic accounts as well.