Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back from Enfilade!

Well my friend James and I made our yearly trek up to Olympia, WA to the convention Enfilade. Unfortunately, our good friend Garland couldn't make it this year but despite his absence we had fun. :-)

We arrived early Friday afternoon, checked in and waited for the first session to start.  We bumped into friends we haven't seen since last year and got caught up with them and our friend Dean M. signed us up for his Black Powder game for that evening.  I was looking forward to trying this set out since there's been so much good chatter about them on the web.  During the first session I played in an Imperialism game which pitted me as one of the Zulu players against the British.  We did our best and slaughter a whole lot them brits!

That evening I took advantage of playing in Dean's Black Powder game which pitted the British against the French in Spain.  I was fairly surprised at how quick the game played and just how bloody the game was.  As usual Dean put on an excellent game.  Here's a few pictures from that game.

The game went so fast I was able to walk around and came across this rather nicely setup WWII game in 28mm.  I don't know what rules were being used but the terrain looked great.

Saturday morning I took part in a Ironclad game using 1/600 scale ships and the rules "Sail and Steam Navies" by Bay Area Yards.  The game was put on by Monday Knight Productions.  My group and I have been trying to find a playable set of rules for this period for years.  We have found it.  These rules allowed a great game and we finished the game in 4 hours.  Here are some pictures of the ships used and I believe they are either Peter Pig and Bay Area Yards.  This were all painted by the guys at Monday Knight.

Saturday afternoon, I participated in a Force on Force game, another set of rules I wanted to try, which took place in Africa from their supplement Bush Wars.  The game flowed very well and within a couple of turns we all had the basic mechanics down and were doing things on our own.  I am happy to say that I was the first player to get a win with a force that shouldn't have won.   Sorry but no pictures of this one.
Saturday night, I played in a Warhamer Historical battle using The Great War rules.  I was in command of a Turkish company and we were tasked to take 3 British trench lines.  The British players had some of the most accurate mortar fire, I've ever seen.  One of the players hit a bullseye 3 times in a row on my troops.  My attack faltered quite a lot.  I wan't impressed with the rules at all.  I will stick with Through the Mud and Blood.
Sunday morning I took over flying a jet in a Check your 6 Jet age game.  Within three turns I was shot down. :-)  Oh well no ace status for me today.

Over all I had a great time playing and I'm looking forward to going next year.  Maybe I will get up the nerve to run a battle or two as well.


  1. Glad you had a good time; I liked the look of the Ironclads game!


  2. Sounded like a bloody good time, nice pics and report Victor.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I like the look of the Ironclads game. I have some US ironclads on the painting table and these pictures have given me some new ideas on painting schemes.
    IMHO, you're making the right decision for WW1 gaming to stick w TFL rules. :)

  4. Nice AAR, Vic. Love those pics of the naval game. Always great seeing you - hope to see you again next year. There's even talk of NHMGS trying to assist in hosting a game day closer to your parts. Best, Dean

    P.S. Took a looksee at your other blog - you have a wonderful looking family and home!