Sunday, February 17, 2013

First ACW Ironclad game.

Last year at Enfilade my friends James, Andy and I got a chance to play in a game of Sail and Steam Navies.  The three of us loved the rules.  Very easy to comprehend after a few turns and played quickly within a few hours.  Our game at Enfilade was a large battle and we had very decisive conclusion.
These were the CSS ships that opposed the Union ships at Enfilade

Since this was the first time I was running the rules I went very simple.  Garland controlled the union ironclad Cairo and James controlled the confederate ship Arkansas.  Just as we were getting started Andy arrived and I added another confederate ship the General Sterling Price.

Garland started off on the right side of the table on the inlet to the river.  Both Andy and James started at the far end of the table.  The current of the river was a 2 and it flowed with the confederate ships and the union ship until it turned to face the CSS.
The first few turns were both sides moving closer.  

The first few shots did nothing to the ships.  As they closed and maneuvered to gain an advantage the Cairo started to take a beating.  James and Andy steered their vessels to ram the cairo twice.  Both times they missed and glanced off causing no damage to either ship.  Garland breathed a sign of relief.

The Arkansas finally found the right angle and hit the Cairo.  The d10's  rolled also had +2 modifier to them.  The Cairo sunk like a rock with no lower hull left.
All said and done the four of us enjoyed the game.  It played quickly even though I was constantly going back into the rules when questions came up we still played the game in about 3 hours.  We will play these rules again and again.
It also has boosted my want to get more ships for this era.


  1. Those look like Thoroughbred 1/600 ships. Beautiful models.

  2. Nice looking game, and a change of pace for sure!