Thursday, March 21, 2013

Country House bases

You may remember a few weeks ago I finished painting up some Italian style buildings.  It has been my plan to make some of the houses into a modular city/town.  Well that part is on the back burner since I don't have enough row houses to do what I want.

I do however have enough to do some country houses or farm houses.  I use Piquet for our games mostly and they call for a 6" base that counts as building and its area.  While at the local Craft Warehouse they had some 6x6 canvas panels.  They are sturdy, don't warp and very cheap.  They were a $1 a piece, so I picked up 12.

So I picked one of the houses and placed it.

I also placed a few trees and once I was happy with the placement, I sketched in a little path from the farmer and family to walk on.
Then glued the trees and house to the board.

I then painted the path black and painted the base green.  At this point I had decided I would just flock the base as is but decided against it.  I had read on someone's blog about using spackel to contour the base and then paint the spackel.  A quick trip to Home Depot provided me a small vessel of spackel.
Now the path was also filled in with Woodland Scenics ballast.  I watered down some elmers glue and painted it onto the path and put down the ballast.  Once that dried I took some more elmers/water mix and used an eye dropper and squirted it onto the path.  Once that dried it was hard as stone.  No pun intended.
The spackel was then put down with a small putty knife.  I used a thin layer and once that dried, within a few hours, I then thinned down some dark brown paint into a wash and painted it on.

The thin layer of paint dried quickly and allowed the contours to show through.  The picture isn't great but its there trust me.  I then mixed up some more elmers and water and spread it in batches where the grass would go.  I didn't cover the whole base in flocking, just a few areas.  Once that was dry I then put more elmers/water mixture onto the patches of grass.  Again that was allowed to dry.

Once the grass had dried I took some cream colored painted and dry brushed it onto the exposed brown areas.  All in all I think it turned out pretty well.  Now I'm going to do this 4 more times.

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