Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A quick game of Check Your 6!

A couple of weeks ago I ran a game of Check Your 6!  It is by far our favorite air game for miniatures. I threw the game together the night before and thats what I love about the system.  It doesn't take much to put a game together.
So for this nights game I put some British P40s up against some BF109s over N. Africa.

A quick look at the combatants

With the sun at the British backs, the BF109s had hard time spotting them.

The fur ball begins.  Lots of shots fired but little to no damage inflicted.

The two British pilots plot their moves

And they are still thinking about it.....

The British close in

Lots of shots fired again and only some airframe damage.

With crippled planes the British pull away to fight another day.

While the game was rather uneventful with no one going down in a big ball of flames we had a rather interesting conversation afterwards.
I brought up the fact that it was difficult to simulate the advantages the aircrafts had in real life.  For example the turning ability of the Zero against the Wildcat.  
We started to put two planes back out on the table to figure out how you would use the planes strengths against its targets. 
So a BF109 uses the A chart and upon further inspection we found that the BF109 at slow speeds 3 or less it does not pay a heavy price for turns.
The P40 on the other hand is not as maneuverable at slow speeds but has the speed to get in and out quickly.
So what we decided was that when the fur ball started the german pilots should have hit the brakes and flown circles around the P40s.  The P40s would have to use their speed to do hit and run attacks and engage the BF109s in a turning battle.
I realize that most of you who will read this will say, "Well duh! Thats what you are suppose to do."  As my friend Garland stated, "we just went from being green pilots to skilled."


  1. Nice post. CY6! does a great job of capturing those differences in a way that's still so very playable.

    If you really want to play around with Maneuver Fighter v. Energy Fighter, try a classic SW Pacific matchup of the Zero versus the P-38!

  2. I like the sound of the game Victor.