Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Scarlet League

So from my last post about using Gesso as a Primer, I have finished, what I'm calling, The Scarlet League.  I have not applied the matt varnish yet, I will do that once I'm done painting the heroes.  These figures were fun to paint.  What I most certainly enjoyed was not having to paint eyes on any of them.  I find that so difficult.  Enjoy the photos.  Also this is the first time I've painted anything larger than 15mm.  I guess they came out okay. 

Some henchmen.  The one of the right reminds me of an Oddjob type character.

Oddjob, The Big Baddie and his evil mistress.  I have no clue how to paint the Throne he's sitting on.  If anyone has any thoughts I would love to hear them.

The evil mistress, another henchman and two sub leaders of the league.

Sub leader and henchmen.

More henchmen.

Close up of the sub leaders.  My daughter helped me decide on what their clothes should look like.

Close ups of the henchmen.

Over all these were fun to paint.  I've got the heroes started in the back ground and will post photos of them when I'm finished.


  1. The throne should be either bronze, or jade. Any arch-badguy worth his salt would have such a throne. ;-)

  2. Nice work on some very bad looking characters

  3. I have obviously been consuming too little pulp in my diet!

    I'd go with an iridescent throne myself...