Friday, November 21, 2014

The Heroes are here!

After a few starts and stops, I was able to finish the heroes for my pulp action game I'm hoping to run soon.  Painting the heroes were a little harder to paint as each figure was so different.  Unlike the Scarlet League, I couldn't do the production line method.  Oh well, they are done now.

I do have a small issue.  I'm attempting to come up with a name for this group of characters to work under.  So far I've come up with this list.  Let me know which you think is a good one.
1. The Hawkwood 8
2. The Guardsmen
3. The Amazing 8
4. Spooky 8
5. Crusaders 8
6. Mockingbird 8
7. Gangland 8

Here are the Heroes with their names.

The Whip, Carmen Falcon, Guy Dixon

Rex, Miles Maxim, The Englishman

The Englishman, The Butler and Mr. White

Some closeups.

More random shots.


  1. Interesting crew.

    "The Octagonal Order"?

  2. Cool figures - I instantly recognized the "whip"

  3. who's the leader? if it's carmen, then how about 'falcon's fury'? if it's miles, then how about 'maxim magazine'? if it's the englishman - 'the toffees' naturally. if it's mr. white then 'white shadows'.

    1. I hadn't actually picked a "leader". I was thinking more along the lines of the group. I do like the idea of Falcon being the leader.