Sunday, February 22, 2015

Some new books for my collection

Over the last week or so I've been able to add some new books to my library.  Some I bought out of general interest and a couple of geared for gaming and a little history brush up on some periods I'm not totally up on.  Most of these I picked up locally at Powells Bookshop.  If you are ever in Portland, OR you have to go.  It is a mecca for books.  I can get lost in there for days and I have to leave the credit card at home.

Here's the whole lot.

Ever since this books was announced on TMP, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.  I must have missed the post about it being available but once I saw that Great War East was there, I bought it.  It will go a long way in shaping some scenarios for my 10mm Russians and Austrians.

I've been looking for a decent book with maps of battles for the Civil War.

My greatest find was on Amazon for $50 in like new condition George Gush's Renaissance Armies.

I have enjoyed learning about the Battle of Antietam and this will be nice addition to my collection on that battle.

A nice book on Italians in Spanish service during the WSS.

Another Eastern Front title to help build scenarios around.

I picked up some 10mm WSS troops at our last convention for a steal.  This is will help in learning about the period.

Can't get enough books on Medieval warfare.

I already owned Volume I of the Philadelphia Campaign so this just made sense.  Again two more books for general reading to get ready for two new periods.

That's all.  

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  1. The Gush book is a spectacular find at that price, VIctor!