Friday, April 10, 2015

Battle of Hydaspes 326BC

So this past Saturday the 4th, my request of our members we ran the Battle of Hydaspes to coincide with the Society of Ancients Battle Day. We missed it by a week. :-)

This particular battle, Dave, decided that we would use Warrior for our rule set. I've only played Warrior a few times and mostly with Dave running the game.  I'm not a huge fan of the rules (all of the math to figure out losses turns me off) but I do like the complexity they build into movement, morale and so on. Much more than Fields of Glory or DBA.  If they could simplify the combat/melee part of the system I could probably enjoy the rule set.

Anyway, I took over as Alexander the Great and looked out across the table and the massive amount of Indians setup across from me and all of the elephants.  I don't play a lot of ancients games but I know having elephants are a huge bonus for the side who has them. They are tough to take down and essentially run over everything.
I failed at getting a good shot of the entire table. The picture I took was blurry and horrible.

King Porus sent his son as recon force to see if Alexander was willing to fight.

Alexander and his starting forces.

Alexander decides to play and sends his troops forward.

A couple of shots of Dave's great looking Pikemen.

Alexander's Companions charge ahead.

King Porus' troops stream roll ahead.

The Alexander's infantry hit the recon force and loose and fall back.

More of Alexander's cavalry charges ahead.

On Alexander's right flank the rest of his troops start to cross the river. Heavy bow fire from the Indians routs a few Alexander's troops.

The middle of the battle seesaw's back and forth with little to no ground being given.

The troops landing from the river have a tough fight ahead of them.

Alexander and King Porus clash and Alexander loses and routs away.

Despite Alexander routing, his army pushes forward and routs a few of King Porus' troops.  The cascade effect begins with a few of King Porus' also routing.

King Porus routs!

After 4 hours of play we called the game a draw.

It was a good night of gaming.  We are going to try this battle again only this time we are going to run it with either Piquet's Archon or Piquet's Pulse of Battle.


  1. I no nothing of the rules, but the figures and whole spectacle of the large game is wonderful, Vic. The river crossing is particularly impressively done!

  2. Looks great and the result was reasonable. This is a tough battle for the Macedonians to win with any rules set. Indeed. one can argue the actual battle was more of a draw than a Macedonian victory.