Saturday, July 25, 2015

Historicon Part II

Friday and Saturday Pictures.

This was a medieval battle for Gnomes. :-)

Peter Anderson's giant Napoleonic game.

Great Northern War battle.

WWII Skirmish battle.

Another Napoleonic game.

Across a Deadly Field adapted for the American Revolution

Don't remember but the cart was cool.

WWI Desert battle.

That really long table from the other post with hordes of barbarians.

ACW game.

Guadalcanal battle using Bolt Action

Old west Zombie game.

WWII Italians vs. British in the desert.

Incredible Pelieu terrain for the USMC vs. Japanese.

This was a Pulp Fiction game based on the Von Trapp family escaping Austria. Nuns with guns!

Spanish Civil War.

Another Napoleonic Battle.

64mm Battle recreating the scene from Kelly's Heroes.

Another long impressive table.


  1. More great shots, Victor. the last one is Duke's extravaganza; Duke was in attendance, unfortunately wearing portable oxygen, but still the showman!

  2. The "WWII Italians vs. British in the desert" Command Decision game at Historicon was actually in Malta, a 'what-if' of the projected invasion that never came off. In the past couple of years I've been running a series of these Malta games at various conventions, mostly scenarios by Jake Strangeway; however, this one is by Bob Mackenzie.