Saturday, July 25, 2015

Historicon Post 1

Historicon has been over for a week now.  I've finally caught up with all of the stuff I put aside to go and now I can write and post some pictures about it.  First of all let me just say that I had a great time and being able to see some old friends was the best part.  I played in some fantastic games and took pictures of some fantastic games as well.
The trip for me from Oregon to Virginia was a smooth one.  Everything arrived on time even the Amtrak train (well sort of it was 10 minutes late).  Even arranging the cab to pick me up from the train station went smoothly.  The only hitch was the hotel I booked in Baltimore.  It was a dive and reeked of cigarette smoke and 3 week old sweat socks. Upon checking in, I promptly jumped on line and found another hotel a mile away and checked into that one.  It was a 1000% better.  The only drag was not having a car to drive myself to some of the battlefields in the area and so on but with that I also didn't have to shell out big money on a car I was only going to use maybe twice in 4 days.

I took so many pictures this weekend I've decided to do separate blog posts for each day and a couple of posts based on the games I played.  That way the posts will make some sense and won't be too picture heavy.
So here goes.  Wednesday was a travel day and even though I arrived at the hotel by 9pm and was able to pick up my registration stuff, I didn't seek out any games. I went to bed.


These two photos were of 26' x 6' table that guys played Romans vs. Barbarians all weekend.  He used the tables in like 4 different ways all weekend it was really impressive.

This was a Miniature Building Authority table for a modern skirmish battle.

The shirts this year.

I don't remember what this game was but the terrain looked great.

Poor Bloody Infantry game. Martin from Peter Pig ran the same game all weekend as a demo for the rules.  I played in one game on Friday night.

6mm Napoleonic battle.

Pacific Naval and Air battle.  The puffs are clouds.  Nicely done.

A huge WWII Invasion of Normandy game.  I think they played it on Friday or Saturday and it took all day!

Great looking castle siege game!

Napoleonic battle. There was tons going on this weekend.

WWI Air battle

Pulp Fiction Mummy game.

Napoleonic Battle

A great Roman siege game. Fantastic looking!

Terrain setup for a Civil War battle.

Iron Clad ACW Battle with help from the British and French.

Spanish Peninsular game. The bridge was amazing.

This piece was a piece of cork.

FFL game. Lots great looking troops.

Another Napoleonic game.

Look Sarge, No Charts game.

I don't remember. :-)

Peter Anderson's Field of Battle game. Impressive terrain and troops.


  1. You got some great shots, including a number of games that I didn't see. I agree that the first set up was amazing and used creatively; I complemented the GM in person on Saturday evening as he was taking it down.

    With your kind permission, I'm going to borrow the pics you took of my table as well.

    1. You most certainly can use the pictures, Peter.

  2. The game you label as "I don't remember, but great terrain..." was The Sword and The Flame game by Mark Stevens on Thursday afternoon - It was about the Indian Mutiny and we Brits had to rescue civilians holed up in a building at the far end of the table (on the left). My right arm in the blue plaid shirt is seen to the left of the photo. Great Game, Great fun.
    Dick Bryant

  3. Impressive games! Thanks for the pics, Vic!