Saturday, May 7, 2016

Another Genitor unit completed

In my last post I said I would finish up another unit for my Renaissance armies.  Well here they are a unit of Genitors for my Spanish army.  Just like the last unit I completed they are based 4 to a base and the flag for the unit is subjective as I've been unable to find anything concrete as to whether they carried anything at all.  Next up are the artillery and crew and the command stands.  Then I'll start the process over again with the French.  The figures are all from Pendraken and are 10mm in scale.

Looking fierce in line waiting for the signal to harass the enemy.

Close up of the command stand for the unit.  The flag is totally subjective.  You can see the artillery I've started to paint in the back ground.

I've left the "name" of the unit generic as the unit can be used for many different armies during this period.

The rest of the unit.

A decent close up.  I have to get a better camera with a better macro setting.

I took these last two photos holding my work lite in my lap and shinning the light directly at the troops.   This way you can see a little more detail on these 10mm figures.