Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My trip to Gettysburg, part 2

My second post about our excursion to Gettysburg.  Most of the pictures are from our second day there where we covered the Union side of the battle.  The few hours of sun light we had left after the rain storm on our first we drove through the Confederate side of the lines.  We didn't walk a whole lot that night but we were able to get some fantastic views from the viewing tower as the storm had blown away the clouds and the sunset was beautiful.  I never realized how many monuments are on the battlefield itself.  I swear we only saw a fraction of them as well.

I walked out to where Picket's charge started and did a panoramic of it.

This tower has 96 steps. We climbed to the top and the view was fantastic.

I think this counts as blocked Line of Sight.

A few panoramics from on top of the tower.

Looking out towards the Union lines in the top 3 photos.

Looking out towards Little and Big Round Top

The vastness of the battlefield is truly immense. Maps don't do it justice for the sheer amount of space it covers.

This spot was where Farnsworth's charge took place.

Looking out over the Confederate lines from Little Round Top.  

More views from Little Round Top. That's Devil Den in the distance.

My daughter on top of the monument on Little Round Top.

A panoramic from Little Round Top

Devils Den

Devils Den looking back at Little Round Top

I thought this was nice inclusion to the battlefield monuments.

View from the Pennsylvania Monument looking back at Big and Little Round Top.

The Pennsylvania Monument. The PA Generals who fought at Gettysburg.

I liked this.

The monument where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address.  It was a very humbling place to walk.


  1. What great pictures, Victor! It makes me want to visit the battlefield again myself. I was last in Gettysburg for Fall In! ? circa 2001, when I both first met Bob Jones, and also ran my first ever convention games (with Piquet rules, of course!). I had little time to spend on the battlefield then, however.

    Gettysburg is one of the most interesting of battlefields to visit - the terrain is such that most people can grasp its nature and significance of the various features, and the views from the tower, etc help as well. I see the battlefield markers (by the Parks service) have undergone major upgrades since my last visit. The may memorials and other monuments erected after the Battle I find fascinating; it is very difficult to see them all in a reasonable period of time. Some feel that they detract from the battlefield, but I would strongly disagree. It looks like your family enjoyed the visit (or at least put up with it with good grace...)

    As you're doubtless aware, Lincoln's Gettysburg Address was little remarked upon at the time in the press. I certainly can not read it without feeling overwhelming emotion - so short, and yet so powerful!

    Did you walk the rout of Picket's Charge?