Saturday, December 31, 2016


I thought I would do a little year in review for 2016.  First off let me say that this year has been very good for my family.  We were able to take a nice big family vacation (16 of us) to Alaska on Princess Cruise Lines and then we spent 18 lovely days back on the east coast visiting friends and family.

One of the many beautiful nights on board the ship.  This by the way is about 11pm. :-)

Looking out over a section of the Gettysburg battlefield.

Miniature and gaming wise the start of the year was very good.  I rolled into 2016 with a full head of steam painting up my Spanish troops for the Great Italian Wars and then busied myself with getting ready for Enfilade in May. Enfilade is always a wonderful weekend. It's great to see friends from the Seattle area and game.
 Once the summer came around my production eased off with the trips and my daughter being home all day from school.
We stilled gamed every other week or so during the summer.  By the fall my desire to paint anything hit rock bottom.  In fact for about 2 months or so I didn't even want to game.
I was still planning though. I had hit upon the idea for next years Enfilade to run the last gunfight from the movie "The Magnificent Seven".  I spend a few weeks asking questions about figures, how to build the town and so on.  I bought all of the figures I needed and bought a couple of the buildings.  Again, the steam wasn't there to paint any of it.  I have one group of bad guys primed but that is about as far as I have gotten.  I better get my mojo back soon or I wont be putting on this game at all.

Towards the end of the year I did participate in Chris Stoesen's Santa Clause event.  That is always fun and I look forward to it every year.

Also in our area we had a fun 1 day convention called Ambuscade which was the first Saturday in December.  I ran a Check Your 6 battle.  We had a great time and I was able to participate in a "In Her Majesty's Name" game as well.  I really like that set of rules.

Some photos from the Check Your 6 game.
That's me in the blue participating in the "In Her Majesty's Name" game.  The table was fantastic!

Because of my lack of painting I did send out some figures to be painted by DJD Minis and I am awaiting their return which should be shortly.  If you are in need a good painting service, I highly recommend them.

At some point I noticed (a little late) that I had surpassed 100K views to this blog. I'm rather surprised really. I never thought I would get that far.  Thank You to all of you that drop by here. I hope I have provided some helpful information or at least been entertaining.

I am not a big video gamer at all, I tend to get bored with them very easily.  So I don't own a wii or xbox nor do I have games on my computer.  Having said all of that I will have to say that I've been enjoying World of Tanks Blitz.
While this game isn't historically accurate at all it has been fun running around in different tanks and blowing stuff up and also being blown up. Which happens a lot really. :-)

So I will close out this last blog entry for 2016 with saying "Happy New Year!!"  I want to wish you all a safe, happy and prosperous 2017.


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