Saturday, June 10, 2017

ECW Cavalry are done!

So yesterday I put the finishing touches on a unit of ECW cavalry for our war game groups effort in raising enough figures to run a few games.  The below figures are Warlord Games and there were 12 horses and riders to make up a unit.  I had fun painting these and I took the step by step instructions from Wargame Illustrated painting handbook for the horses.  I took a few liberties as I chose a few color patterns for real photos of horses but over all I like how they turned out.  The flag used is from Cotton Jims Flags.  

One thing that I have figured out that I don't like painting is hair.

So I hope you like them.  I have now turned the figures over to Alyssa who is basing them up so they fit in with scheme she is using for the figures.


  1. They painted up nicely. If you use lighter colored hair and dip or magic wash, the shading of the hair can be quite effective. There *is* quite a bit of hair showing for most ECW chaps, isn't there? It may be the lighting, but I wonder if a ruddier flash tone might be more effective on these?

  2. Did you mean Flesh tone?
    I'm still experimenting with painting hair. I was following a procedure from Wargames Soldiers and Strategy.

  3. Uh, yep, the FLESH tone. The *Flash* tone, would, of course, be paler... :-)

  4. Nice looking ponies - would be interested in taking a look at the horse painting guide if you're at one of the Saturday games in the next couple of months.