Saturday, July 8, 2017

2nd unit of WSS French completed.

Finished my next French unit for my War of Spanish Succession project.  This unit is called "Bigorre".  These figures were undercoated in black and after painting this group I decided, based on a couple of suggestions from friends, to do a wash of Agrax Earthshade.  I think it worked well. I may continue with it.  I also hand painted the flag.  I used Robert Hall's book/cd "Flags and Uniforms of the French Infantry".  It's a great resource.

I think the flag looks okay.

I will be taking about a week or so off from painting as I'm heading to Historicon on Tuesday.


  1. Very nice Victor and a great looking flag too!

  2. Amazing details in such a small scale, Victor! You owes us all a full report with photos when you get back from Historicon too!

  3. Splendid, figures and flag!

  4. Looking good, Victor! The French flags of this era are very elegant with heir (usually) simple, geometric designs with the white cross overall.