Sunday, February 11, 2018

Miniart 1/16 French Musketeer Part II

Part II of my work in progress of the French Musketeer.  Well if you remember from my previous post I wasn't able to get the hair to match up. With some advice from the Military Modeling forum, I cut off the ears of the Musketeer and the hair fit nicely.  You can also see from the below shots how much filler I had to use. I still have to fill the seam on the back of the hair.

I was able to get the lower part of his body together. The amount of gaps and uneven casting with this model is amazing.  Even the fold of the boots don't match up well. I still have to add putty to fill those gaps.

The Torso and arms weren't too bad but the arms need some attention too.  Nothing on this model matches up well at all.

I have a lot of flash to clean up on the hands, sword, sword hilt and other pieces. I'm hoping to get to prime this sometime next week. Weather permitting.

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